For Kimon Angelides, founder and CEO of EosHealth, christening his company with the name of the Greek goddess Eos was anything but coincidence. Eos means “new dawn,” and a new dawn is what Kimon Angelides promises those who enroll in EosHealth’s many health programs. Dr. Angelides designed the center’s programs to benefit those who struggle to find time to stay active during the rapid pace of their busy schedules. To help his clients receive all the health benefits they need, he engineered four programs designed to bequeath the boons of medicine, education, exercise, and nutrition.

The primary feature Kimon Angelides offers through EosHealth programs is accessibility. Rather than make time to find the nearest gym, EosHealth members can access fitness tips, nutrition information, recipes, and videos demonstrating exercises from the convenience of their computers or mobile phones. Using the devices of their choice, members can also track meal consumption, glucose levels, blood pressure, exercise activity, and weight. Furthermore, members can tweak their fitness programs according to their goals, schedules, and needs, all with the help of the experienced EosHealth team.

Prior to founding EosHealth, Kimon Angelides held Professor, Associate, and Assistant Professor positions at Durham University, Baylor College of Medicine, the University of Florida, and McGill University. At each institution, Dr. Angelides studied and taught in the fields of medicine, education, and research. He founded and filled the role of CEO and Chairman of the Board at DiabetesAmerica from 2004 through 2008, a position that armed him with much of the knowledge he routinely employs at EosHealth.

A student of medicine, science, and business, Kimon Angelides earned his Bachelor of Arts from Lawrence University before pursuing his PhD in Chemistry at the University of California. He studied medicine at Universite Louis Pasteur and graduated with a Master of Business Administration from the Durham University.


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